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This is the list of the currently defined keyboard shortcuts (accesskeys), available in all pages, to directly access the main sections of this site:

H Homepage
I Information and documents
U User configuration
A Accesskeys list
N Navigation bar
T Top of page
B Bottom of page
1 Weather report
2 Local forecasts
3 Observed conditions
4 Meteosat images
5 Meteomar marine forecasts
6 Meteomed Mediterranean forecasts
7 Tide prediction

Accesskeys depend on the browser. Generally the user is required to press the "ALT" key while typing the listed chars ("H", "I", "A", etc). For instance to jump to the homepage from wherever in the site press simultaneously the ALT+H keys combination. Some browsers require the user to subsequently hit the "ENTER" key. Some accesskeys may conflict with browser's built-in function keys.