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Nautica Editrice Srl: Via Tevere, 44 • 00198 Roma (Italy) • phone +39 06-8413060 • fax +39 06-8543653 • e-mail info@nautica.it • website www.nautica.it • PI 00904971009

EuroMETEO, Nautica and Nautica On Line are registered trademark by Nautica Editrice Srl. Court of Rome Press Register: eurometeo.com no. 199 on 7/05/2004, nautica.it no. 620 on 19/12/1995 and no. 302 on 7/07/2003. This site was designed by Paolo Ciraci according to W3C XHTML-CSS recommendations

EuroMETEO® Meteotext is an Internet weather information service provided by "Nautica On Line", the online branch of Nautica Editrice Srl.

EuroMETEO was created to meet the need for reliable weather forecasts and charts and for an easy access to meteorological information. Today, thanks to the modern technology and the Internet, large amounts of data travel on the Web and, if one knows how to use them, important knowledge concerning weather forecasts may be obtained.

On 14 October 1995 Nautica, the international yachting monthly magazine founded over 40 years ago, created the web site "Nautica On Line" which gained immediate success on the international level and EuroMETEO (EuroWEATHER in english) was it's meteorological section.

In recent years, Nautica editors noticed that interest in meteorology was growing and this is confirmed by the high number of visitors to the "meteorological" section of the "Nautica On Line" web site. As a result, a special web site on the "European" level was created to inform yachtsmen and nature lovers of weather patterns and forecasts. EuroMETEO offers easy access to meteorological information and valid forecasts in an "ocean" of web sites, weather centers and stations scattered all over the world. Whoever is interested in weather and forecasts for weekends, for holidays, for travelling or for a simple walk, either in town, on the seaside or in the mountains may refer to EuroMETEO, which displays information on Europe and Mediterranean, or on a particular area.

In 2001 there was the definitive transition of EuroMETEO from meteorological resources directory to weather information provider, offering own high quality products besides its "traditional" service of meteorological catalogue and search engine. During the International Boatshow in Genoa EuroMETEO launches the current graphical layout.

In May 2004 Nautica Editrice deposited the EuroMETEO® trade mark and eurometeo.com site was registered in the Court of Rome Press Register.

At the beginning of 2007, on experimental basis, we started developing some new sites tailored to mobile personal handheld devices like EuroMETEO Mobile, Pagine Azzurre Mobile and Olympic Mobile.

The main site www.eurometeo.com is visited by over 640.000 unique users per month (march 2008 data) with over 150.000 average daily impressions (confirmed by Google AdSense reports). EuroMETEO pages are ranked in the first places by Google on common italian search keywords. The site has over 74.000 registered users and nearly 7.000 of them are active.

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